Teaching people to follow Jesus.

Our Culture


We’re all about Jesus

Everything we are, and everything we do, is because of what Jesus has done for us.  Our desire is for every man, woman and child to live in genuine relationship with Jesus.  


People are our heart

All people are created in the image of God.  People are the reason we do what we do.  We are unapologetic about reaching people who are far from God, because we all once were far from God until Jesus welcomed us home.


Excellence is our Pursuit

We stress over the details.  We are called to pursue excellence in all we do.  We will do our best in all situations.  We show up.  We are prepared.  We are fully engaged.


Generosity is our Privilege

We give generously to the church and to others because God has been generous to us through the person and work of Jesus.  We challenge ourselves to be generous with our money, our time and our energy.  It all comes from God, so we joyfully give it back to him.


Servant Leadership is our Identity

This life is not about what we can get out of it, but it is all about what we can give others.  If you are too big to serve, you are too small to lead.  We encourage a culture of service to others.  Those who desire to lead must first learn to serve. 


Honor is our Calling

We gladly give honor where honor is due, especially to those who lead spiritually.  We are intentional about giving verbal and public honor to those who are leaders among us.  We love to honor those who lead spiritually and joyfully submit to their calling to lead.